Understanding Where to Install Fences

Create A Zen-Style Backyard With The Right Wood Fence

Fencing can be the perfect finishing touch for your yard to provide some needed privacy, as well as add a new style that you'll be able to enjoy. If you're checking out wood fencing primarily and want it to contribute towards a Zen atmosphere, there's a lot of different tips you'll need to consider before choosing.

Prioritize a Natural Finish

Different wood fences can look visually quite different from one another, making it best to consider what color and finish you would like. If you want to maintain a Zen style in your backyard, it's best to keep things natural and avoid fencing that's painted. With a natural finish that highlights the real wood of the fencing, the fence will feel more like a natural part of the landscaping.

You want the wood to be the real highlight of the fence you choose. This can allow you to make sure that the fencing doesn't feel starkly out of place or draw too much attention due to the appearance of the paint or other finishes.

Incorporate Plants

As you look at options for making the fencing a great feature in your yard that won't distract from the natural appearance, you also want to include plants. Hedges, shrubs, and flowers planted alongside the fence can ensure that you're able to keep a natural style that can provide the calmness you want in your yard.

Since not every type of wood fencing will do well with plants that could begin to set in their roots or climb upwards, such as ivy, you need to see if there are good options for fencing with this in mind. Checking if this is a possibility can ensure that the fencing is seamlessly integrated with the plants that you want to have in your yard.

Avoid Solid Fencing

An entirely solid fence can provide a lot of privacy to your yard, but it can also make your yard feel closed off from the surrounding nature. Whether there's a view that you want to enjoy or you just want to keep your yard feeling open, you should look for fencing that's not entirely solid. This can make sure that your yard can preserve a natural appearance that can help you feel relaxed.

With the priority of a Zen-style backyard, you'll need to be patient as you compare wood fencing. By following the above tips for selecting fencing, getting the look that you want for your yard can be much easier. Contact a company that installs wood fences to learn more.